Twin Lakes Restoration Association

April 9, 2015

Twin Lakes Utilities Office Building, 7168 Twin Lakes Rd


President Doug Spencer called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.   Members present were: Don McLain, Doug Spencer, Pat Moore, Rich Engeldinger, Bill Stephenson,  Kevin Stumpf, Mary Gidel, Gary Dudley, Roger Schoon and Scott Larsen.   Rita Miller present as administrative coordinator.


Minutes:  Minutes from November 18, 2014,  board meeting were distributed by email.  Stephenson moved Larsen seconded to approve as presented.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s report:   Miller is standing in for Treasurer Rodenborn.  The checking account balance at $65,423.43.  Two bills were presented:

Annual fee post office $48                Allied Ins   $100  

Gidel moved Engeldinger seconded to pay bills.  Motion carried.  Last fall we received two billings from Mosquito Control of IA – one for $1600 and other for $2425.  Miller contacted them regarding the discrepancy, and have heard no more from them.  Memorial funds for Helenrose Reideler in the amount of $375 have been deposited in TLRA funds.  Helenrose's daughter Mary Gidel requested that the funds be transferred to Twin Lakes Water Sports Association to help defer cost of the new buoys they just purchased.  Spencer approved that transfer of funds. 


Spencer presented a budget as prepared by Rodenborn.  It included a projected annual budget for this year which projected funds of $2015 as available for projects with 25% of projected income be moved into savings.  There is a projected cash flow for 2015 and report on investment management.  McLain moved Engeldinger seconded to approve the budget.  Motion carried.  The entire board is grateful to Peg Rodenborn for the nice job she did in the budget preparation.


Membership:  current 2014 membership as of December 31, 2014: 343 property owners,  9 lake businesses, 1 off-lake businesses


Administrative coordinator:  The biennial report with the State for our corporation was due and completed in March.  Calhoun County Reminder has the directory almost completed to be sent to the printer with a mailing date around May 1st.  All inserts need to be turned in by April 20.  Miller contacted MidAmerican Energy regarding their natural gas line replacement around the lake.  All of the new gas main has been installed.  Midwest Underground will begin working in the area April 13th to replace the service lines that serve individual homes or businesses.  They will begin on the north end and proceed clockwise around the lake.  Miller picked up the latest copy of the articles of incorporation and bylaws from Steve Henrichs office and will have filing form and signature ready copy for next meeting.    Gidel filled in for that three months that Miller and Rodenborn were gone this winter by checking post office box and keeping track of bills for treasurer.  Many thanks go to Mary for doing that.


Calhoun Co Community Fdn:  Gidel reported that the Twin Lakes Bible Camp was the recipient of a $5000 grant of the $106,000 given this year.

CLEAN UP DAY:   Dudley had contacted the Webster County landfill.  We can no longer get a free pass to dump the waste from our clean up day.  The cost is $35 per ton in addition to the cost of each load.  Last year we had close to 20 ton so our cost would have been an additional $700 on top of our hauler fee of $400.  At this time, we will continue an annual clean-up day and continue to review it.  McLain will contact the hazardous waste truck to have available next year.  Miller will get listing of acceptable items and will notify residents by email.  Findley, metal recycler, and Pedersen Sanitation will be contacted for clean up day.


OTHER OLD BUSINESS:  Larsen will communicate with Pam Shelton regarding road safety by the West State Park.  No other old business.



    Gidel, Stephenson & Dudley volunteered to prepare member survey distributed in the directory mailing with early results presented at annual meeting.

  Twin Lakes Trail representative Sharon Helgeland asked to update residents.

  Diagnostic Feasibility Study – Ben Wallace and possible ISU study member

  USDA water & soil conservation Jeremy Viles   DNR – Nate Haupert and new lake patrol


Miller will make contacts to line up program.



Engeldinger, Larsen, Spencer and Stumpf are those members whose terms are expiring.  They all indicated their willingness to serve again.  Rodenborn and Larsen will seek to get more people on the ballot.


ICE BREAKER:  Larsen reported that the Bible Camp is sponsoring an Ice Breaker Sunday, May 2nd, with a free breakfast.  This brings back a spring informational event that was held in the past. 


Board went into executive session.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50.  Next meeting is May 14 at 6:30 PM at the Twin Lakes Utilities building.


Rita Miller

Administrative Coordinator