August 26, 2016

During the August 4, 2016 meeting of the Twin Lakes Association Board, Brandon Strutzenberg presented his plans for developing a 2,400 head hog confinement / finishing farm located approximately 1.5 miles East of North Twin Lakes on 210th Street.   Mr. Strutzenberg was accompanied by Becky Sexton, Twin Lakes Environmental Services, LLC. who stated that the proposed building and hog confinement operation is in compliance with all Department of Natural Resources, Calhoun County, and other pertinent regulations.    

TLRA members raised concerns regarding the potential for negative impacts on the Twin Lakes community including water runoff and noxious odors.    It was pointed out that this facility is not located in the Twin Lakes watershed area and that manure from the hog confinement would not be spread in the watershed.   An additive will be added to the manure storage system which is proven to minimize odors.   Manure will be land applied in either the spring or fall of the year with most manure applied in the fall of the year.

Questions and comments regarding the proposed hog confinement / finishing farm should be addressed to:

                        Brandon Strutzenberg, Owner proposed hog confinement

                        Email:  strutzfarms@gmail.com

Cell Phone: (712) 210-5183


Becky Sexton, Twin Lakes Environmental Services, LLC.

Email:   becky@twinlakesenviro.com

Office Phone:  (712)-297-5530


Please feel free to include a copy of your communication to Mr. Strutzenberg or Ms. Sexton to the TLRA board at:  tlrestorationassn@yahoo.com


Doug Spencer

TLRA Board President