Our District has installed a pressure sanitary sewer system. This system is unique and different from a normal type gravity sewer system. At some location on your property, there has been buried, with only the top part showing above ground, a green fiberglass tank about 8’ or 11’ deep and two feet in diameter. The sewer service line from your home has been connected to this tank and the waste from your home flows into this tank.

A grinder pump is installed in the tank that automatically periodically pumps the waste from the tank into the pressure sewer system. The pressure sewer system discharges into the lagoon located near the Twin Lakes Golf Club east of South Twin Lake.

Twin Lakes Utilities provides maintenance and service at no additional cost other than the monthly sewer service charge, which you now pay. However, for a successful operating system, each homeowner must assist by notifying Twin Lakes Utilities when problems arise.

In case of a malfunction of the grinder pump, a light and alarm horn, normally located in the electrical control box on the outside of your house, will sound. If the horn should sound, notify the maintenance phone number. Do not attempt to make repairs yourself. Do not try to gain entrance into electrical control box or grinder tank. ANY damage to control box or tank will be billed to the property owner. If necessary, the horn may be silenced by pushing the rubber switch on the side of the box.

If there should be a prolonged power outage, avoid the use of water as the tank will fill and back up into your plumbing (see problem #1). When the power is restored after a prolonged outage, the alarm horn may sound. If it does, it will continue to sound until the pump has emptied the tank. When the alarm becomes silent after a prolonged power outage, it indicates that the system has returned to normal operation. The alarm horn is electrically operated and power is necessary for it to sound.

The grinder and pump can handle any normal material that is generally discharged to the sewer.

Foreign objects are NOT allowed to be flushed down the sewer or put down any drain (scroll down to “Grinder Tub Care”). Draining sump pump, foundation tile or roof water into the Sanitary Sewer System is prohibited and will result in $100 fine.

Duplex grinders are in place at businesses to provide a back-up in case of problem with one grinder.  These are billed at a rate 1 ½ times the normal billing rate.  Occasionally, these units need to be pumped out and cleaned by Twin Lakes Utilities.  This cost is billed to the business.

If you are a new property owner, please feel free to call maintenance for explanation of the alarm and control system problems.

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http://thefoolishobsession.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://thefoolishobsession.com/rosehip-oil-skincare-routine/ Problem #1 If water is backing up in stool or shower or basement drain:

a. If the grinder box alarm and light are on, push button to silence alarm. Then call


b. If the same situation occurs and the alarm and light are not on, make SURE to check fuses or breaker that supplies electric power before calling maintenance. This will probably solve the problem. If electricity is restored, the alarm may sound for a few minutes; this is okay.

source url Problem #2 The alarm may sound occasionally when large amounts of water are discharged into the system, such as when clothes washer and/or dishwasher discharges water. After the grinder pumps down, the alarm will automatically turn-off.

acquisto cialis generico line Problem #3 The alarm usually means the grinder pump is over full. The button on the electric alarm box is quanto costa il vardenafil contrassegno in farmacia NOT a re-set button and only shuts off the alarm.



http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=viagra-generico-50-mg-prezzo-piu-basso-a-Venezia We’ve had several instances of people silencing that annoying alarm without notifying anyone. The alarm goes off for a good reason and needs to be looked into to avoid a flooded basement or damage levitra senza ricetta in farmacia pagamento online to sewer grinder motor. PLEASE give them a call if you hear alarm or see a red light on control box.

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 It is important to NOT flush or put down drain:

Kitty litter



Petroleum-based products

Aquarium rocks

Feminine products

Disposable diapers


Unground garbage


Hazardous chemicals


Any foreign objects

This results in grinder damage. If grinder is damaged from foreign objects, it is repaired or replaced at owner’s expense. If grinder tub or water or sewer shut-off valves are damaged by any occurrence other than Twin Lakes Utilities maintenance, it also is repaired or replaced at owner’s expense.

 We understand that the grinder tubs are less than desirable to look at. However, the top of the tub and the vent must be a minimum of 4” above ground level to prevent runoff water from entering the tub. Please do not over fill the area around the grinder vent intake with soil, rocks, leaves or flowers.  Also, keep surface water away from this vent intake. If you have obstructions covering your tank lid, such as windmills, flower pots, etc, the Twin Lakes Utilities may not service pump if owner does not remove these.

 Draining sump pump, foundation tile or roof water into the Sanitary Sewer System is prohibited and will result in $100 fine.

 The manufacturer’s warranty requires electrical power to the grinder unit, including the winter months.