The flooding and tornadoes of recent years are stark reminders of why it's important to know what to do in advance  of a storm.In preparation for the severe weather season, all residents in Calhoun County are encouraged to sign up for a CodeRED emergency notification as well as CodeRED Weather Warning.  Within a few minutes of a major emergency, a high-speed alert system has the ability to warn every resident of the danger and provide important instructions.Calhoun County has contracted with Emergency Communications Network Inc. to use its "CodeRED" telephone notification service.  The system enables County and City officials to issue telephone, text and e-mail messages in the event of severe weather disasters, missing children, evacuation notices, bio-terrorism alerts, hazardous materials spills and other emergencies.

enter Every household in Calhoun County that has a wire-line published telephone number is entered into the System.  Steve O'Connor, Calhoun County's Emergency Management Coordinator advises all residents to log into the site and register their cell phone numbers as well.  Businesses should also register.

enter The weather warning system can notify residents in the path of a storm within seconds and requires no interaction from emergency personnel once a warning is issued.

go site

dove comprare viagra generico 100 mg a Roma O'Connor states county residents are encouraged to register for the new service.  "This is an automated system that will automatically call you if a severe weather warning is issued for your area" O'Connor said.  "Advance notification of severe weather gives you time to seek shelter and plan ahead."

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vardenafil originale consegna veloce Residents must sign up for the new CodeRED weather warning system to receive emergency notifications even if they had signed up for the original CodeRED or DeltAlert system.  Both of these services are free to Calhoun County residents.

If you receive a CodeRED or Weather Warning message, listen carefully.  The message will be brief and not repeated.  Follow the instructions given.  You may be directed to a commercial or radio station for further information.  Do not hang up until you have heard the entire message.  You may miss important information.  Do not call 9-1-1 for further information unless directed to do so.  You will only tie up emergency lines.

A link to sign up for the voluntary service is posted at the Calhoun County website at  SIGN UP FOR ALERT IOWA .  If residents do not have internet, they may reuest a form from the Calhoun County Emergency Management office at 712-297-8619.

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