Twin Lakes Restoration Association welcomes you to Twin Lake, an unincorporated area, which is located in northern Calhoun County, Iowa.  North Twin Lake is 2.9 miles long covering 569 acres which is regularly stocked by the State Conservation Commission with walleye, northern pike, and catfish.  Bullheads, crappies, bass, and yellow bass are native species.  South Twin Lake's more rounded shape covers 600 acres.   The north end is a designated wildlife refuge, and bird sanctuary–popular with migrating birds.  Public hunting is allowed on the south half of the lake.  The lakeshore is home to many deer, pheasants and other native wildlife.  find cialis without prescription
North Twin Lake’s shoreline is lined with residential development and State and County public parks, while the South Lake remains in its undeveloped, natural state with the exception of a small residential area on Indian Point on the golf course. Twin Lakes has been rich with culture and history for generations dating back to Indian tribes. source url
Twin Lakes is home to two county parks, three state parks, three state boat ramps, and a handicapped accessible dock–offering a variety of public picnic areas, shelters, and three playgrounds. Nature lovers can enjoy a stroll through Gutz Prairie–more than six acres of restored prairie on the edge of North Twin.

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